Letting go is the hardest asana.


When I was doing my yoga teacher training, I really enjoyed sequencing in my notebook. Drawing each little stick figure brought a smile to my face and sometimes to others :). But as much as I love drawing, it takes quite some time to scribble every single asana one after another. That got me thinking; "Is there a yoga font out there that I could download and use in my Photoshop or in my Word documents?". After some research I decided to create my own icon yoga font!

I spent a few days drawing them on paper, trying to master every posture and make them as accurate and cute as I can. Then I used Illustrator and some web magic, and that's how Asanaglyphs were born. There are 48 icons in this basic set. Now you are able to download this font and use it both offline or online too. I used this online tutorial, feel free to give it a try. Have fun!


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